Developer Conference 2013

I’m not known for going to conferences very often, so this year I will do something very special: Attending two conferences! PHP Unconference in September was great fun already. The other one will be Developer Conference in Hamburg, which starts in two days. I know some of the speakers personally (the list is actually quite impressive) and I look forward to see them again. Even Professor Lutz Prechelt will give a talk. He’s head of the Software Engineering work group at Free University Berlin, right around the corner from where I live. The list of speakers also includes stars like Lars Jankowfsky (Mr Jet Set), Johann-Peter Hartmann (CTO of Mayflower) and Johannes Schlüter (PHP core developer).

Just attending the conference wouldn’t be enough this time. That’s why I decided to get the (inexpensive) blogger ticket and spam the world with my impressions and photos. The deal is to tweet a bit, write two blog posts and upload some photos.

Tickets are still available!

PS: The conference location is a movie theater, so in theory, you can watch all movies for free and also get free popcorn and soft drinks. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?