Update your bookmarks!

The primary domain for this blog is now lastzero.net and not nulldevice.de anymore. If you are using the old domain, you will be automatically redirected. Please update your bookmarks, links and RSS readers.

The idea behind this move is, that I would like to see some more international visitors. I have the impression, that Web sites using a .de domain don’t show up in Google’s international search results or people don’t click on it (is that true?).

Another reason is, that I don’t think a domain containing “nulldevice” or “devnull” is funny anymore – it was in the beginning, but now the Internet has grown larger with many users that don’t understand the joke about “sending a mail to nulldevice”.

Like every couple of years, the Web server for this blog has also moved to new hardware (HP DL120 G7 /¬†Xeon E3-1270). The hosting provider is serverloft.com – I’m pretty satisfied with their services, but unlike others, I love to do a bit of system administration every once in while :)