Chaotic Pattern: Wiki is online

I recently managed to publish my latest project:

While reading the book Sync, I felt that this is the right name – an explanation can be found on the Web site. There is already some blog with the same name, but it does not seem to be very active. The last post is from May 2009. Hope I don’t cause any confusion.

Chaotic Pattern will be used as an incubator/lab. The Wiki itself is the first in a series of experiments. It fits my personal needs as a publishing platform and is more convenient than any typical word processor out there. You can not only edit documents online, like in every other Wiki, but also produce wonderful PDFs and include content from Flickr, Youtube and Google Maps. If you like it, use it for free. There are no strings attached and I will not sell your documents or your Facebook profile :)

Also the Wiki is there to demonstrate what you can do with JavaScriptMVC 3.0 and a little bit of PHP. Theoretically, it should scale to billions of users. But as long as I don’t get any venture capital, we will never find out. Anyhow, I want people to use it as a prototype for their own apps. Until end of this year, everything should be properly documented and you can download some of the components.

The next step is to get the Ajax push server finally running, so that you can use the real time features. Ape is installed, but seems to cause connection problems under certain conditions. Either I can fix that with my limited resources or I have to switch to another server. It’s not like I don’t have anything else to do, so please be patient^^