online again

Ha, after almost 3 years, the home page of my (so far) biggest Open Source project AWF-CMS is online again. When I started working for Zend in 20062007, I felt the need to write a version that is based on Zend Framework. Of course I was busy with my customer projects, so that never happened. Even worse, due to a server upgrade, the configuration for the AWF Web site was broken and I didn’t even find the time to fix that until today. This is bad, as I still love the software. It was really useful and probably still is, even though not properly maintained anymore. As you can see, I decided to use WordPress as a replacement. But there is no cool image management/gallery, there is no Wiki, there is just a HTML/WYSIWYG editor for content etc. This is way behind what AWF-CMS could deliver. At least it is possible to manage multiple sites since WordPress 3.0 – a feature that was available in AWF for a very long time.

Anyways, you can not dance on every party, as we say in Germany :)