Beta of Google Chrome will be launched tomorrow

Google will publish a beta version of it’s own Web browser tomorrow. Sadly, the beta will run on Windows only. Of course, they put some energy in speeding up JavaScript execution as they need this for their own applications. Otherwise they simply won’t be able to provide solutions that can compare with traditional offline applications.

For more information check out the online book about Chrome or the Google Blog.

While visiting the Google Blog, I found out, that a JS warning window appears in Firefox 3, if you hit the back button too fast. You’ll see something like this:

SyntaxError: unterminated string literal
eval("try {\n_WidgetManager._HandleControllerResult('Blog1', 'backlinks',{'numBacklinks': [...]

JSONP seems to be unstable in certain conditions. What makes me wonder is why the browser starts to execute incomplete code and outputs that code in an alert dialog. So, it might as well be the fault of the Google Widgets error handler… but who cares anyway.