JavaScript Components

My blog was a calm place for a while now, because I’m terribly busy with writing code (like it should be…). With this posting, I want to present the prototype of JavaScript Components, which are comparable to Swing Components in Java. They make use of the Composite Pattern. That means every Component can act as a container for other Components. Together with Models, Views and a Controller (Event Dispatcher), they can form reusable widgets. Other projects did work on similar things (for example jMaki Widgets), but from what I see, they target different audiences. The suggested Components use a client-side only approach. They are tested with JavaScriptMVC, but may be useful for other frameworks as well. jQuery is required for DOM operations.

There already is a LayersComponent, which implements a content stack. Any component can be added as a new layer and only the respective top layer is visible.

Please check out the demo application (download as ZIP).