Google employees running away

One more post for today! :) As you might know, Elliot Schrage leaves Google to join facebook. There seem to me more and more Google employees running away and working for other companies now. While searching for more details about the latest news, I found this:

Commenter Facebookcanhavehim shares this thought on Google überflack Elliot Schrage’s prospective departure for Facebook:It has nothing to do with Eric’s philandering. It has everything to do with the fact that Elliot sucks and is being run out of the company. No idea he has held on so long considering how ineffective he has been. From the inside I can affirm his team hates him. The other executives see him as impotent, reckless, and self-promoting.

No sure who wrote this (probably a self-assured Google employee) but fact is that

10% of Facebook employees came from Google

The management pool at Google is deep indeed, and some find themselves drowning in it. Making a splash is harder and harder, as the company reins in its chaos; to those fighting to get unloved projects launched, a clique close to Larry and Sergey seem to be the only ones at the company who matter.