Plat_Forms 2007: Evaluation and Results

PHP was the best platform in terms of completeness, maintainability and security. Also, the differences between the PHP teams were small compared to Perl and Java – that means, our Team 8 (Zend) was quite good, even if Team 6 (OXID) is the winning team for PHP. Congratulations!

Download the full report as PDF:

Plat_Forms 2007: The Web Development Platform Comparison — Evaluation and Results

I’d like to mention that we had almost no defects in our solution:

Here’s a quote from page 47:

Team8 PHP has excellent correctness with just one single mistake in the search usecase, only one fourth as many defects as the runner-up. Team4 Java’s defect weight is also quite small (but should be viewed relative to the lower amount of functionality implemented) and team2 Perl is best on the Perl platform (because team5 Perl’s problems more often concern MUST requirements).