LinuxTag 2007

I’ve been on the LinuxTag in Berlin during the past days. It was a fun event and I met lots of nice people – also the recruiting staff of Google, which gave me a nice notepad, some other toys and an invitation for lunch at the headquarters in Mountain View.

I’ve also had quick look into “Einstieg in SQL” (“SQL for beginners”) of Galileo Press. The cool thing about that book is, that it is supposed to cover all SQL dialects. Of course, the author suggested to use triggers to emulate MySQL’s AUTO_INCREMENT in MS SQL. So I told them about the existence of identities in Transact-SQL – will be corrected in the next run :)

The new solaris init system was also looking very promissing. They replaced the old stuff by an XML database and a very good depedency system between the components. That way, they can start many services at once which minimizes the startup time and improves fault tollerance. Nice!

The guys from KDE were surprised that the PHP bindings are not available by default in many linux distributions. That’s why only Python and Ruby are integrated in some KDE applications so far. Should be changed!

I guess there will be some talks about Web 2.0 security now… so that’s it for now.